Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's time to move on...

Before you think anything else after reading the title, let me clarify that I am not leaving to any other planet neither I am leaving someone nor I am bidding farewell to the blogging world.

So, what's changing? The platform I would be blogging on - yes, I have moved to my own site http://surineni.com/ , in case you are not aware, 'Surineni' is my last name. I opted for this as my first name 'Bharani' was already taken and my next option was to go for my last name. I would request who all are following and also those who want follow my blog from here on to update my blog's bookmark to:


To get the facts right, all the back-end process was done over a month back it's due to my laziness that this got delayed. I am sure this laziness would not creep on to my new blog and there would be regular posts on my new blog.
Also, note that all my previous posts from blogspot page will be available on the new site too along with some new pages which I will gave a tour on the new site. So, this would be my last post on the blogspot page and request all the readers to move on to my new site.

See you there...

P.S: There might me some minor temporary incompleteness on
http://surineni.com/ and some changes now and then for a while until the complete page is set so please bear with me.