Friday, July 10, 2009

Did someone ever pull this?

Did someone ever pull this?
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I have been traveling in Indian Railways from the time I was born and was always intrigued by a red chain hanging around in every aisle. it says, to stop the train , pull the chain. Not to forget, it has a disclaimer 'if we pull the chain unnecessarily we may be fined up to Rs.1000 (Around $20) and can also be sent to jail for 3 months'.

But in all these 29 years I have never pulled it or never seen some one pulling it. Apart from hearing the talk among the passengers that 'someone might have pulled the chain' when train stops abruptly. I guess this talk raised my curiosity even more.

However, I wish no one should land up in such an emergency that they would have to pull the chain, of course when traveling in the train. Fortunately or unfortunately there is no such chain for life! :-)