Friday, July 10, 2009

Did someone ever pull this?

Did someone ever pull this?
Click on the picture for a bigger view.

I have been traveling in Indian Railways from the time I was born and was always intrigued by a red chain hanging around in every aisle. it says, to stop the train , pull the chain. Not to forget, it has a disclaimer 'if we pull the chain unnecessarily we may be fined up to Rs.1000 (Around $20) and can also be sent to jail for 3 months'.

But in all these 29 years I have never pulled it or never seen some one pulling it. Apart from hearing the talk among the passengers that 'someone might have pulled the chain' when train stops abruptly. I guess this talk raised my curiosity even more.

However, I wish no one should land up in such an emergency that they would have to pull the chain, of course when traveling in the train. Fortunately or unfortunately there is no such chain for life! :-)


Animation_Vijay said...

Hey Bro, i completely agree with ur view. I also thought the same everytime,but one fine morning while i was on the way to Tirupathi with my Friends, while my train stopped at Renigunta station it was max empty.My inner self said me to pull the chain and see what will happen. I did it without thinking and ran to other compartment. slowly came back from the platform and saw what will the train assistant do. He came cheking all the compartments & finally he got the compartment,pulled a liver and went off.
The ultimate thing is I did it when my INNER SELF made me think that TRY AND SEE.
SO u also try something like that and make yout heart happy.

Vijay Adapa.

Swetha said...


I know ppl who might have used them but could not get out of the train and lost lives...

freaks me out a lil to read this article a min after I was think about that accident..

anyways.. like you said.. no chain to lyf...

God bless !!!

Sudhakar Komakula said...

Hey Bharani... Recently during my marriage time, my Vadina did this adventurous thing..
She and my brother are travelling in 2nd AC from Vizag to Hyd and there is no AC in the train. Everybody is sweating like hell in peak summer and the TC and the incharge are just passing time without repairing it even though passengers complained numerous times. They bought time saying in Vijayawada we shall do it.. But, after crossing VZA it is still not working. the passengers wanted the train to stop. My Vadina did the honours by pulling the train.. and it stopped. finally the TC and the others took some measures and AC started getting better and the train moved after requesting passengers to calm down..

Crazy incident eh..

FullBC said...

these are like life insurance, its there and you wish situation shall never demand claim.
btw, at lalu ji's time this mechanical component was the most used component of entire railway in his home state.

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