Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 1 with my Parents...

The day has finally come, now I am staying with my parents. Its fun seeing them go Topsy Turvy with me around('evil laugh'). Though my dad had his own doubts that they can take care of me, my mom was all confident right from very first.

I should say, day 1 was pretty scary for my parents. I could not eat properly(I think I miss my granny), I cried all night, could not sleep continuously and my mom and dad had to take turns in luring me to sleep.

Then came Monday, the first day of the five days which my dad gets freaked up seeing my mom getting tensed/frustrated and getting all rushed up in a hurry to get things done and get to work.
They had me all dressed up first and they were busy with their daily chores and none of them had their eyes on me for few seconds and then...."B H A M", I rolled down the bed and started crying on top of my voice. I went to sleep instantly and when I woke up I was among these bunch of children and in a new place of course. Later I came to know that, It was a Creche/Day Care named "Humble Care".

I am the youngest in the lot and next youngest kid is 18 months old so, all the kids sit around me and play/talk to me when ever I am awake. The Nanny over there thinks that I am happy staying there. My parents came in the evening to pick me up and I was staring all round sitting in between my Dad and Mom on my Dad's bike(which by the way is always covered with an thick layer of dust, donno when he is going to clean it).

We came back home played for a while and hit the bed... So far so good...


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And it's ..."Shraddha Surineni"

Hello Everyone, Long time no see......I have a zillion updates from my side since the last post, so you better be patient to read the complete post.

I am 5 months and 8 days old and ...uuff finally I have been named, err... though I have my doubts if they(my parents) gonna stick to this one or not. You might have guessed it with the title, it's "Shraddha Surineni". My father had different one in mind but you know...that's how it is ;-), I pity him.


  • Put every thing I can lift straight into my mouth

  • Bring my mouth to everything that I cannot lift so that I can put it in my mouth

  • Acknowledge when some one talks or sings to me by saying "Aaaaam", "Aaaa"

  • Cry only when I am hungry or getting sleep or...yew.. you know... ;-)

  • Get angry if one carrying me talks to someone else ignoring me.

  • Sleep sideways and sleep all night without disturbing anyone and myself

  • Roll all across the bed in all directions

  • This is the best part, my grand mother thought me "Sit & Stand". Yes, I sit when someone says "Sit" and stand one someone says "Stand"(Of course some has to hold me up). My father thinks I am genius(like him...) ha ha ha ha..... he is so funny.

  • Eat nestum rice meal, banana; Drink lactogen milk, tomato juice, orange juice

  • I open my mouth to eat food only when someone sings to me

Last weekend everyone took me to this cool and nice place called Tirumala(Tirupati) to do something. We all went in a vehicle and my dad came up by stairs, I thought he will take 4 to 5 hours considering that he puffs and pants after climbing 7 floors at his work place. But he made it in 2 hours 10 minutes, without drinking/eating anything(My mom thinks, if he has his camera, he does not need anything). I was happy that my paternal Great Grand Parents, chinna ammamma(my paternal Grandmoms sister), chinna tata, Maternal Grand parents, Paternal grandfather and my pinni(my mom's sister) and babai were there for me.

Above: It looks like a closed room, all children are crying on top of their voice.... My dad is brushing my hair... I wonder what's going to happen!!!!

Above: The ambiance around is serious, my mom is tensed, I am not understanding what's happening here and my Dad - smiling like always, damn I cant get any clue from his face.

Below: My Dad put me in his lap and in few seconds they made me like this :-( . They also had my ears pierced. It pained but only for few minutes, I was normal later. My dad thinks if my mom had to undergo even the fraction of the pain I went through she would have cried the entire day :-).

Below: Its Annaprasna(eating food for the first time) time and they put books, food(bananas), money, pen, flowers, gold, silver in front of me and they wanted to crawl towards the items and hold few of those. It is believed that the three items I touch first, I will have plenty/sufficient of that.
Below: I first went towards bananas and held those. My Mom was screaming "Nooooo", My Dad - "Yessssss" because he did the same during his ceremony.

Below: Next I went for Money and Pen. Now my Mom was happy that I will have money and have good education.

Next I went for Gold and silver, after that they made me eat the Prasadam. Later in the day we went to my dad's dad''s home town "Chandragiri" which is very near to Tirupati. I was very tired and hit lap early.

Next day we went to see Lord Venkateswara's Kalayanam followed by darshan and it was amazing. I am surprised to see my dad so devotional and he looked funny in the silk dothi and gundu. Later in the evening every one headed back to their respective locations and I left for Eluru with my Maternal Grand Parents.

Next Saturday i.e., 17 January 2009, I will be in Hyderabad permanently. I wonder how my parents manage me with their work schedules. I am sure going to miss my Grand ma and Grand pa.....

So, Hyderabad.... get ready for Shradha!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Colours of Life...

Have you ever played with colours? I am sure we all would have at one point or the other. The other day my sister gave me showcase piece(I do not know what is it called) which is basically a transparent bottle filled with clear liquid and some sort of colour fluids with do not mix with each other and when overlap they produce different colours. Also to create a dripping effect there are small cabinet like enclosures at both ends with a small hole where the coloured fluid accumulates if put the "thing" in one position for certain amount of time.

I clicked the above picture at my home last Sunday
I got something like this couple of years back but it broke(fell down and NOT my mistake) the very minute I brought it home.

I simply love to play with this one(of course when I have nothing else to do), various shapes, colours and especially with sunlight in the background this looks amazing. If I give it a thought, like my camera shows, this also has colours, shapes, light and ... O my God! Sometimes I feel like I have started looking most of the things as "Through the Lens" ala Frame, color, composition, Depth etc.

You know what? basically, I am confused and completely off the track as I started off to write something and ended off with something else. I find no relation with the title, picture and text. In my native language they say "Tala Toka lenidi" which basically translates to "something which has no head and tail... :-) :-( ... Ok ....Ok I stop

I guess I will end this Freak Show and get back to what ever I have been doing... ha ha ha ha.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Work like an ant and be prepared for the hard times...

I cicked this above picture near my home

Other day I was lazing around with my camera around my home enjoying the beautiful sunset. FYI, I can spend hours admiring and of course clicking the Sun Set, Alas! that is lasts only few minutes.

I was composing a plant with sun in the background and I noticed a group of ants working their ass off even at the fag end of the day. We all know how much hard workers Ants are and their well planned colonies which are engineering marvels(especially when you are at that size) explains it all.

When I was composing this picture the thought which came to my mind is "Let the Sun set on the past year's difficulties and let us march ahead into the new year with all our vigor, strength and positive orientation".