Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Colours of Life...

Have you ever played with colours? I am sure we all would have at one point or the other. The other day my sister gave me showcase piece(I do not know what is it called) which is basically a transparent bottle filled with clear liquid and some sort of colour fluids with do not mix with each other and when overlap they produce different colours. Also to create a dripping effect there are small cabinet like enclosures at both ends with a small hole where the coloured fluid accumulates if put the "thing" in one position for certain amount of time.

I clicked the above picture at my home last Sunday
I got something like this couple of years back but it broke(fell down and NOT my mistake) the very minute I brought it home.

I simply love to play with this one(of course when I have nothing else to do), various shapes, colours and especially with sunlight in the background this looks amazing. If I give it a thought, like my camera shows, this also has colours, shapes, light and ... O my God! Sometimes I feel like I have started looking most of the things as "Through the Lens" ala Frame, color, composition, Depth etc.

You know what? basically, I am confused and completely off the track as I started off to write something and ended off with something else. I find no relation with the title, picture and text. In my native language they say "Tala Toka lenidi" which basically translates to "something which has no head and tail... :-) :-( ... Ok ....Ok I stop

I guess I will end this Freak Show and get back to what ever I have been doing... ha ha ha ha.

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