Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Me, Me, Me and Me

No, No its not that an egotist took me over, its just me and one of my funny/stupid(as some say) thoughts that made me put this title.

The thought would be something like this: What if there were multiple me :-)(Not like Jet Li in "The One" where same person exists in different universes). I wish, I was some kind of a creature(Preferably Human) with 3 or 4 bodies and one centralised brain on a cluster(for fail over ;-) ) connected to the bodies through wireless which has no boundaries.

Phewwww........it might look like I am watching too much of Sci-Fi movies. Seriously, No! but when I imagine this WoW! It will be wonderful to have such setup: where one me will sleep till day break, one me will wake up early in the morning for a jog/ Photography Shoot, One me will go to work and one me will play Computer games or watch TV the whole day. I want to keep it simple and do not want to go deeper as it will raise unnecessary complexities.;-)

Below is a graphic representation of my thoughts. Each picture is a combination of different pictures which were taken at my home on a tripod so that the frame remains the same. The pictures were post processed in Photo shop by my friend Satish(Singapore).

Me waking up me and me watching:

Me, Me, Me and Me:

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy First Birthday "My Inner Self" :-)

This week had my Blog's first Birthday on April 10'Th........

From my First Post to my Latest Post I think it was a long and wonderful journey of thoughts and feelings. Frankly speaking, I had a slightest idea that my blog will last so long when I started it, 'cause I did not have clue of what to put on it. But Hyderabad / Hyderabad Traffic , My Photography Expeditions , My Thoughts and everything just came in.

Though the posts on the blog recently was a bit irregular due to lack of time ;-) (I know thats bull shit ) but I am sure, it will pick up in couple of weeks.

Blog'o graphy(April 10'Th 2007 to April 10'Th 2008):
Number of Posts: 174

Number of Site Hits: 23,187

Visitor Locations:

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Once a friend said........

Shyam: Hey Bheem, I think she is going to propose you
Bheem: What!!! don't kid me!!
Shyam: Yes, she loves you....and she is going to propose you at any moment
Bheem: Don't talk crazy! Me and her......?? "NO........WAY!!!!!!!"
Shyam: I just wanted to warn you 'cause I feel that you both are too different to be together
Bheem: Come on man, I told you right, get this into your brain.........Me and her...........?? "NO...WAY!!!!!!!". Its never going to happen.
Shyam:Ok..if you are so confident, there is nothing further for me to say, but take care!!
Bheem: Ohh! come on man...leave that topic and walk fast or else we will get late for the movie.
This talk happened between two friends some 8 years back when we were in our second year of Engineering.

Guess what happened to the above story......

Bheem fell for her, they lived happily for the rest 2 years of Engineering. Later, they broke up as the girl could not convince her father to accept their relationship and lived in despair for 1 year.

After that, they both lived happily ever after separately in their own ways..........

Moral of the Story: Listen to your friends when they have something to say. Sometimes they see the situations in the direction that you cannot even imagine.

Talking about friends, I would like to take a moment to thank all my friends who were with me, stood by me in every shit I was in!! Thank you guys!!!!!