Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Me, Me, Me and Me

No, No its not that an egotist took me over, its just me and one of my funny/stupid(as some say) thoughts that made me put this title.

The thought would be something like this: What if there were multiple me :-)(Not like Jet Li in "The One" where same person exists in different universes). I wish, I was some kind of a creature(Preferably Human) with 3 or 4 bodies and one centralised brain on a cluster(for fail over ;-) ) connected to the bodies through wireless which has no boundaries.

Phewwww........it might look like I am watching too much of Sci-Fi movies. Seriously, No! but when I imagine this WoW! It will be wonderful to have such setup: where one me will sleep till day break, one me will wake up early in the morning for a jog/ Photography Shoot, One me will go to work and one me will play Computer games or watch TV the whole day. I want to keep it simple and do not want to go deeper as it will raise unnecessary complexities.;-)

Below is a graphic representation of my thoughts. Each picture is a combination of different pictures which were taken at my home on a tripod so that the frame remains the same. The pictures were post processed in Photo shop by my friend Satish(Singapore).

Me waking up me and me watching:

Me, Me, Me and Me:


Anonymous said...

Vodhu mama eepatikey jeynabha (population) yehkuva aiendhi inka ME ME ME ani kotha kotha alochanalu cheystey kashtam. This is the reason why their are lot to do in life if you want to stick with one thing then its really boring. putting it this Way Enjoy de Colors of Life

Naveenkanth JR said...

Perfect sync of the pic and syncing multiple pics. Good work guys (You and Satish)

First one is perfect. I think in the second one there are 2 conversations happening, the one wearing shoes talking to the one brushing his teeth and the one ready to leave talking to one who is drying his head.. I personally think it would have been good if it was just one person talking and all others listening to him..