Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy First Birthday "My Inner Self" :-)

This week had my Blog's first Birthday on April 10'Th........

From my First Post to my Latest Post I think it was a long and wonderful journey of thoughts and feelings. Frankly speaking, I had a slightest idea that my blog will last so long when I started it, 'cause I did not have clue of what to put on it. But Hyderabad / Hyderabad Traffic , My Photography Expeditions , My Thoughts and everything just came in.

Though the posts on the blog recently was a bit irregular due to lack of time ;-) (I know thats bull shit ) but I am sure, it will pick up in couple of weeks.

Blog'o graphy(April 10'Th 2007 to April 10'Th 2008):
Number of Posts: 174

Number of Site Hits: 23,187

Visitor Locations:

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Anonymous said...

Kongrats buddy!

Keep going!!