Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Me a Blogger??

I am not new to Blogging, I mean I read and enjoy the posts which are on my friends Blogs. I never thought I will a blogger one day, 'cause I never felt like having a blog.

Today for the first time, the thought came to my mind "If I have a Blog what will I be posting?". This thought it self brought in numerous ideas(Silly, stupid, serious and hilarious).

As I am a kind of a person who always likes to try new things and learn from it, I started this blog.

Coming to the name "Straight from my eyes", I chose this 'cause the blog will have posts about what I see, what I think and what I feel. As eyes are our windows to the world, I chose the name(*Frankly speaking I had some other things in mind but they were not available*).

So, as the saying goes "Whatever happens is for our good", I hope my reflections will bring in some smiles/introspects/thoughts in me and rest all.


Deepthi said...

Entraaa nee Golaaaa??

Unknown said...

You changed a lot after getting married.

Vendantam Bharani Surineni ;)

Good Keep Blogging ..