Thursday, April 12, 2007


The above picture was taken by me on 07 April 2007 at my Home.

Do you Know?
There is a trust called SPARROW(Sound and Picture ARchives for Research On Woman).

• A trust set up in 1988 [Register Number E-11958] in Maharashtra to build a national archives for women with print, oral history and pictorial material.

• A live archives reaching out to schools, colleges, women's groups and other organisations.

• An active agent of conscientisation.

• A forum for discussions.

• An interactive space

• A daring flight into unexplored areas of experience and expression.

• A commitment.

SPARROW believes:

• That recording, reviewing, recollecting and reflecting on women's history and life and communicating this information in various ways is an important activity in development.

• That change is possible with knowledge and awareness -- of women's lives, history and struggles for self-respect and human dignity.
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Anonymous said...

Superb pic!

Anonymous said...

Baaga kaaaaaaaaaaaaali ga vunnattu vunnavu kada kotta office lo.....