Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Tree - Moods of change

The above picture was taken by me on 08 April 2007 few kilometers after Gachibowli, Hyderabad.

When I was editing this picture I had this feeling of similarity between the tree and humans. Like the tree grows, blossoms, withers we humans also experience similar things like growing, laughing, crying etc.

The thing that is different is that for the tree these changes happen seasonally and for us humans these are just random and can happen at any point and any number of times.

One thing that I always wondered is for humans how long this seasons last? again its random, can last from a fraction of a second to sometimes forever. I think this "season" for humans in normal terms is quoted as "Mood".

I am sure everyone of us might have used the terms "No mood man", "Mood nahi hai yaar" at some point or the other but one thing I believe is that if we are able to control our moods then we are fixing 70% of our problems.

So below are some Tips for Controlling Mood Swings that I have found:

1. Daily Exercise Routine – Incorporating just 15 minutes a day of exercise into your day can help to stabilize moods and ward away depression. Take a walk during your lunch hour, exercise while watching TV at night or start your day a few minutes earlier in order to begin each day with a short exercise routine.

2. Eat Right – Eating healthy is always a good idea, but keeping on a healthy diet can greatly soothe the ups and downs of mood swings.

3. Create a Daily Routine – Get up at the same time each morning, go to bed at the same time. Creating a routine can keep your mind and body on a more even keel, even on the weekends, when it is more desirable to spend longer in bed. Keeping your body on a schedule can help to keep the moods more stable. Eat meals at the same time each day.

4. Find Time for Yourself to Relax – Spending just a few minutes every one to two hours in a state of relaxation can help your mind to slow down. Some people find that just a few minutes of meditation every few hours helps to stabilize their racing thoughts and keeps their moods more even.

5. Schedule Your Time – Creating a schedule for yourself can help to remind you to do the small things that help mood swings. The more detailed your schedule is the better. If you find that music helps you to get moving in the morning, then incorporate that into your schedule. This way, you won’t forget to include the soothing or invigorating items that help you move along your schedule.

6. Evaluate Your Current Habits – Determine if you are creating more extreme moods by your current habits. For example, if you are depressed, do you listen to slow depressing music, allowing yourself to go deeper into depression, or if you are in an “up” mood, do you listen to more of the high energy music, allowing your mood to soar uncontrollably. Try to change your activities to even your moods, rather than exacerbate them.

7. Chart Your Moods – Keep track of when you are “up” and when you are “down” to see if there is a set pattern. Do you typically go “down” in the middle of the afternoon and then go back “up” at a certain time. Understanding the pattern of your moods can help you change your behaviors to stabilize your moods.

8. Plan Your Day According To Your Moods – Use the information from your mood chart to plan your day. If you find that you are “up” at a certain time each day, plan your day for high energy activities during that time.

9. Set Goals – Setting goals can help keep you on track and help you to work through the ups and downs. Even if your goals are as simple as “I will get the dishes done in 10 minutes” they can help you stay focused on the task and not allow moods to disrupt your activities.

10. Chart Your Medication – If you are currently taking medication, chart your medication as well as your moods so that you can see if there is a correlation between the two. Discuss the results with your doctor to see if your medication needs to be adjusted or changed.
So, There I go. My first official post. I wish all of you out there, Happy Moods!!


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