Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Unity in diversity???

If I do a Wiki search on the phrase "Unity in diversity" I proud to see that the hit is describing India as below:

The phrase is widely used to describe India, which is home to a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-religious society. The subcontinent's long and diverse history has given it a unique eclectic culture. The philosophy is the underlying pan-Indian philosophy echoed in textbooks throughout India

At the same time, I was ashamed with the current happenings in our country where people are fighting for separate states/regions. I think instead of saying people, if I say 'politicians' that would be more apt, as its them who are making a big issue of nothing to gain votes and win elections. I bet once they get their votes, there are not going to address the issue until their end of the term.

If we were as a state/region from so many years, I don't know what suddenly cropped up that we need a different state. Ok, lets say that we get a state, then the fight starts for local reservation in jobs, businesses, schools, collages and many many things. I don't understand why people are not thinking about the difficulties or burdens that would come upon us by breaking one state into two to name a few: raise in taxes, inter state tariffs, electricity, river waters, Inter state transport and other hell lot of complications that we could not resolve even being as one all these years!

One thing, Do we have brains? If yes, we should not get carried away with the politicians politics and ponder on the pros and cons of this situation.

If we are going to be in this way, you know what? why do we need a country called INDIA. Instead of fighting every time for a separate state, I know one permanent solution for this: Lets break it up completely into different countries based on our stupidities like region, religion, language, caste or what ever and then fight among ourselves like hungry dogs over a loaf of bread.

I am sorry, if I was rude but I love this country as a son loves his mother but with all the current happenings in our country, I feel that "Unity in diversity" should be erased from all the text books!
Lets get thinking!

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