Thursday, September 18, 2008

Once upon a rainy day....

Prologue: Bheem and Sneha like each other. They used to study in a different city other than their home towns. A small story which would have happened when both of them where in Hyderabad.

Sneha: I got to get home by evening or else my dad is gonna freak out

Bheem: Oh come on....don't worry.

Sneha: Don't worry? you would know if you were in my situation

Bheem: Ahhh....ok..If you get on the bus at 4 PM at Imlibun Bus Stand, I am sure you will reach your town / home by 6.30 PM. So, do not worry.

####Once at the bus stand there were very few buses at that time with go to sneha's town and those which were there were too crowded for a girl to get in####

Sneha: Oh god what do we do now?

Bheem: Don't worry, we will check for the buses at Dilsuknagar Bus stand...

Sneha: What if there are no buses there also

Bheem: We will see then, you do not worry unnecessarily

Sneha: You are not going to listen to me anyway, so as you feel

#### Same situation at Dilsuknagar Bus stand too###

Sneha: $##$#$% $^%$^%$^&%^ #$^$##$

Bheem: Come on calm down, I will drive down Choutapall, its just 50Kms and I am sure you will get some bus there. Also if we find any bus on the way, we can stop it on the way and get in.

Sneha: Its already 5.30, I guess I am cooked in my dad's hands

Bheem: Hop in and lets not delay

####At last Bheem got sneha into bus at choutapall, told her not to worry and started driving back to his home####

While riding back, it rained cats and dogs and Bheem had nothing but a round neck tee with jeans and pair of Nike. The rain was so heavy that he could not even see whats 2 feet away on the highway. He took shelter under a huge tree which has a small goddess temple under it. Knowing the fact that lightning first strikes huge trees, he stays put with his complete body beating instead of his heart. After couple of hours rain subsided, and Bheem drove back to his friends and was very happy that he survived that day.

Epilogue: At that point both of them were not aware that, that was their last ride together. Presently, I guess bother are married to someone else and living happily where ever they are. The rainy night still haunts Bheem when ever he is in India on that highway and passes that huge tree with the temple.....

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