Monday, October 6, 2008

Eureka ..!!!

:-), Don't worry I am not going to run around like Archimedes did nor did I discover something like him. It's just an expression of joy and satisfaction which came by one of my craving desires getting fulfilled.

Its owning a DSLR and Yes! Today I got my hands on my new Canon 450D DSLR and WoW what a feeling it is. Its shutter sound is the sweetest and satisfactory sound I heard in recent times(Of course only after my daughters first cry).

Currently my idea is to get greater insights in the art of photography and get into the technicals of it. With the wonderful gang around me, I guess I am never short of feedback and learning. So, "Gang" be ready I am going to pester you with all by doubts and questions ;-).

Wish me all the best and I do not mind if anyone want to sponsor for the lens....he he he...just kidding ;-)

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Anonymous said...

All the best and we'll together crack the code don't worry! :)