Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Be careful: Even a Traffic Jam can leave you robbed

Man, where is Hyderabad going? Everything is increasing; Land rates, Daily commodity prices, Fuel prices, Traffic, Corruption, Crime and with all these- pressure on common man. Also, everyone who are involved in above activities are coming up with new ways to cover them self up and have their work done.

The incident which happened with one my colleague at work, explains how low people can get. Read on the incident from my friends words:

Here's what can happen in a heavy Traffic Jam in hyd………. Its not a story it's a personnel experience……

Venue of ATTACK: Just before Begumpet Footover bridge
Victim: Srinivas Tammali
Date & Time: 28th-Jan-2008 / 7PM

I left office at 6:45PM knowing that there will be heavy traffic at Begumpet flyover, but kya karein office se jaldi ghar jaane ki jo padi thi……….i crossed pantaloons(Begumpet) and was stuck in heavy traffic after the Usha Kiran movies building…. I saw a guy to my right near the rear wheel yelling at me "dekh ke chala na mera pair phass gaya hain" I looked at him and yelled back "thu dekh ke chalna" because I was sure(coz I was standing in same place for more than 3 mins)

I was on right track standing still in middle of the road for the vehicles in front of me to move ahead, I ignored him after moving 10 feet ahead( it took 5 mins to move 10 feet) I saw another guy yelling at me in the same way as the first one did, I said what's wrong with this guy and started arguing with him looking to my right(sitting in the car, as the traffic was so heavy(I mean standstill surrounded by other four wheelers)

I could not even open my car door to get out and fight with the guy) and the guy was standing at the rear tyre and arguing with me & in fraction of seconds I was alerted by a near by car walla, boss is there anything on ur left passenger seat that's valuable… I turn to my left to check and saw a guy running away, he was the first fellow who argued with me………I responded to the car walla no nothing is missing……..but so stupid of me….. I actually had my mobile lying in the front passenger seat(my front windows were 50% open for air as I wanted to have enjoy the polluted air of hyd traffic jams….hehehehe…its not the mobile its my contacts n information in my mobile that I am worried off.….) and this I realized after reaching ameerpet when I wanted to call home……………and guess what my Sony Ericsson w550i was missing…..

Luckly the rear windows wear closed 90% otherwise I would have lost my office asset (laptop)…………………. Which would have been more painful than loosing my mobile.

Moral of the story be careful when you r stuck in traffic and make sure you don't get misguided by this kinda smart thieves and don't even think of getting out of the car and arguing with the misguiders when you are alone.

Tips for 4 wheeler owners:
1) Don't Keep your car windows open in heavy traffic jams.

So guys, as my friend said be careful when arguing with strangers. If this could happen in a traffic jam, I could not imagine what could happen on empty roads when we are coming back from office late nights tired!!

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