Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Okka 'Big headache' Magadu*

I think I am very decent and considerate naming this post Okka 'Big headache' Magadu because its deserves more ...more bad words..... read on......

Usually not being much of Telugu movie buff and a big No, No person to Balakrishna movies somehow I had to go to this movie of his, "Okka Magadu" at my in-laws day before yesterday. I always wondered why this guy is joked around in emails and SMS's and after seeing his movie for the first time in a theatre answered all my questions.

Man..there is not one saving grace for this movie and it is meant to sink(I guess already sank). Lack of story/screenplay, Meaning less songs, scantly clad heroines, skimpy make up, no comedy, unrealistic fights and sloppy direction best describes the movie. Also it can be described as a worst attempt to remake Bharateeyudu(Movie by Shankar starring Kamal Hassan) which was 100 times better in all aspects and to my wonder technically (Art, Makeup, Graphics and locales) too, though it has been made 10 years earlier.

Its the bad direction which screwed up the movie and the director should understand that its not scantly clad heroines with double meaning dialogues/scenes that people want; Grow up "Mr.Director". Also the hero should not be left unblamed, I don't know how can a hero with 25 years industry experience accept such stupid and meaning less roles.

Totally this movie left me with severe headache that subsided only after watching a complete season of friends!!

*This ones just for those who follow Telugu movies.

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Sudhakar Komakula said...

Man.. its not the poor Balakrishna who is the culprit. It's the director YVS Chowdary. Though Balu's mistake was to accept the script without proper judgement. He is a potential actor and has a huge fan following.

Sorry for him. Need to kick this YVS's ass.. Already Nandamuri's family is doing that it seems. (Gossip).