Friday, August 1, 2008

A different experience

I guess from past 25 years I have been travelling by train and this time it was different of all. And believe me it was so different that I ventured out writing and publishing this post right from where I am sitting, the train.

When I mention train journey in India, what strikes head on to most of the people is crowded compartments, Chaos(and if your seats drop right in between a marriage party :-), god save you from all the pandemonium), uncleanliness and not to forget stinking bathrooms.

As I said it was different this time, No crowded compartments: may be there were a dozen other people in our compartment apart from my mom and me. The reason might be that we were travelling in mid day on a working day and we are definitely not on a pilgrimage route. But what ever the reason might be, I am out of chaos, pandemonium and people who throw all the waste from what they eat in the train as if it was their personal garbage dump which runs on their tax money(seeing whom my blood pressure raises). It was like a personalised space on wheels which stops now and then and with occasional visit of sales guys with water bottles/cool drinks and snacks.
This is the view of the compartment I am travelling right now from where I am sitting :-), after completing 60% of the journey.

Also, there are few other things that were missing like beggars, kids who clean the floor/ sing songs and expect money, sales men(books, Cd's, toys, and what ever), eunuchs. I think they also know there's not going to be much break even for their money Vs energy getting into a train with such less crowd.

There is one thing that I couldn't escape, and I am sure none of us in most public places in India can escape "A Stinky and dirty Toilet".


Anonymous said...


It's apt you named the blog 'straight from my eyes'!


Unknown said...

cannot believe such thing could happen but ofcourse it depends on route & timing thou.