Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hello World!

I was born on August 4'Th 2008 and it was my dad's shear laziness that delayed my meet with the world. OK, lets not get into his details as that's never ending and I guess my Mom can talk volumes about him. I am gonna hijack my dads blog now and then until I am old enough to maintain one. My dad says, I have lot of Mama's/Babai's(uncle's), Pinni's/Atta's(Aunts) spread all across the globe and many in India too. So, Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Night in what ever part of the world you may be. I miss you all!

Hello Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coming to me, what makes me special? I am not going to join IBM, something like they show in their commercials :-). My dad is the eldest son in his family and so is my Mother, she is the eldest in her family. My paternal Grand dad is eldest in his family and so is my paternal Grand Mom. This does not end here, Even my Maternal Grand Parents are both eldest in their respective families. So, that makes me the very first in Generation Next. So every one next in the entire family tree is after me only...ha ha ha ha(I love to do that evil laugh). I get to bully on everyone after me and I get every ones very best attention as I am the very first. That's a combo pack anyone would love to have.

My name? My dad and mom couldn't figure out a name for me so for now my dad refers me as Surineni Jr. In my cradle ceremony they whispered 3 names into my ear "Meghana(Megha)", "Medha", "Moksha". Most of the people liked Meghana, few Medha and no one liked Moksha.I am wondering what they would finalize on!
More about me later....Chao!

Check out my first web album Here
P.S: Do read the comments on the photographs, incase my parents have something else to say.


Anonymous said...

Welcome buddy!

Am sure ur dad is gonna make you fly an airplane or climb up the Everest.

Jus be prepared!


Anonymous said...

Is that your kid Bharani! OMG - i thought you are a bachelor!!!.
Congratulations dude!.


Naveenkanth JR said...


It took me nearly 18 years to have an email address for myself. Now she has got a blog entry within 25 days of her birth....

Megha, welcome to the beautiful world!!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am curious what Charlotte has to say with this?!