Thursday, April 9, 2009

Let's blow the whistle hard and loud!!!

Yes, blow it hard and loud and let the money mongers, corrupt, insincere, selfish, jumping jacks in one word called 'politicians' know that their time is over and we want a new generation of leaders to lead our country into a golden era for which its once known for. Not as the country which has most number of Swiss Bank accounts(and money of course) like it's known now a days.

Let me make myself clear that, in these thoughts of mine or the way I look at it, a personal conversation I am having with every reader who cares about our country that this is not an another political campaign and these thoughts are straight from my mind.

Before I get further, I would like to emphasise on a powerful quote by a powerful Man 'Martin Luther King', "The Silence of good men is more dangerous than the brutality of Bad men"

If you are a person of integrity, person who thinks what's happening is not correct, person who believes that no matter how small a person is he/she can make a big difference. Please do not sit silent and just crib about it; Talk, motivate and involve people in raising awareness about the importance of a vote and make people vote. If Gandhi Ji, had sat silently thinking what can a person like me make a difference to the country, imagine where would be now. Also, if People around Gandhi would have thought that how can a single person change the future of a country and did not support him, imagine....!

Voting is not like going to your favorite movie or doing your favorite thing. Because in voting there should be no favoritism, do not vote to someone because he/she your favorite hero/heroine, do not vote to someone because your favourite movie star is supporting him, do not vote to someone because he/she is from your Cast/Religion/Community, do not vote to someone because people around you are voting for him/her, do not vote for some one because he is showering free goodies if he/she wins.

Think, Analyze, Research and then vote for the right candidate. If there is a reason coming up in your mind that I do not have time for all these, just question yourself, for whom are we taking this time for? My answer for this question would be, It's for you, for me, for us, the future of our children, for the entire people of the country and for the generations to come by. So, be unreasonable in Thinking / Analyzing / Researching and vote for the right candidate.

There is also one other 'rather famous' notion that people have, thinking "...yeah, this candidate is great, talks sensible but he does not have capacity to to form a Government and my vote might be wasted if I vote for him. So, I will vote for the next best in the worst, who I think has a capacity to form a Government". Again, the power of one comes into play here. Everyone of us have that power and we have to stand for what we believe no matter the complete world is on the other side. I can promise, you are not alone I am with you and I bet once we dig around we can unearth hundreds/thousands/millions of people who believe in what you believe.

So people, do not vote for people who promise goodies, subsidies, reservations, houses, free medication, free food etc. Because all this will be over within 5 years if at all they keep up with their promise and give what all promised which rarely happens.

Don't believe the person who gives you food(figuratively speaking), once their term is over, we start looking again and get lured by another. Believe in person who let's you know the process of making food so that you can make it yourself for the rest of your life.

I hope this conversation I had till now has started some thinking in your head.

Remember, Please Vote and be Sensible in doing so!!

Thank you for your time and I will sure come back with more...please spread this message if you think it makes some difference, copy/paste, forward in an email, put this link on your messenger status do what ever to spread this message.

~ Bharani Surineni


Krishna Memoirs said...

Sure Dude... Will Vote, thoughtfully, responsibly

Anonymous said...

Agree with you!

Satya Swapna said...

I posted one just now. Nice to see your blog regarding the same.

Anonymous said...

so who is the right candidate?

lakhs of people have lost their jobs in the global meltdown, have you seen any candidate or party is even of aware of it or talking about it?

the indian polity is absolutely clueless about the needs of the workforce / electoral college in the service industry?

how are we to educate and engage these politicians, who is focused money power, strong arms, liquor, + providing SOPS wihtout thinking about long term to get to the chair and then is always focused on how to maximize his networth for the next election, in the middle of our every day job hunting, taking care of our family, using bad roads, and fighting for our normal amenities.

You need a thousand Mahatmas to clean up indian polity.

Unknown said...

yes! i totally agree with u.thanks for making an effort n i'll also spread the awareness.

Babbler's Bay said...

Great thots Bharani!
I gues its time v act than preach.....
Infact its been a fruitful year as far as participation is concerned but lets wait n watch wats gona hapen!