Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Please, Please, Please do Vote!!!*

* I am re posting my earlier post of July last year by adding more additional thoughts, as I think its appropriate time now to spread awareness/message.

Hope is the one which keeps the soul alive
And where there is no hope, there is no soul
And what good a body is without a soul?

After seeing how sick the politicians and politics can be, if we take a back foot during the elections thinking that what matters if "I" do not vote, please think again. 'Cause at the end of the day, we are the ones who are going to crib about the government for the next five years.

I over herd someone saying the other day that politics is trash and that person do not want to get involved in it or participate in it by voting as he/she does not want to get into that trash. My question to all those who have this reason, If you have garbage in your house, do you keep quiet doing nothing about it ignoring, thinking that anyways that trash is going to come back? Think...So.... that's clearly not a fair reason.

I even heard someone saying, that they stand in long queue's in hot sun, they do not have any amenities there and its too tiresome. My question to such people, I am sure all of us at some point or the other stood in a queue for movie tickets / for getting into a bus/ at the loo / at cash counter in the store / boarding a flight ... and so on, this list is unending. So, having stood in all such places with patience, can't we stand at this one place, once in 5 years to cast out vote for the future of our country?

Come what may, do not miss to vote.

Be unreasonable and vote for our country, for ourselves and for every ones future

Again, I thank you for your time. I request you to please spread this message if you think it makes some difference, copy/paste, forward in an email, put this link on your messenger status do what ever to spread this message.

~ Bharani Surineni

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