Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A day without mobile phone!

No mobile Phone!!!!!(Forgot it at home today)

- I am Inaccessible to telemarketeers.Yuppe.........for once I won over them.
- No need to search now and then to see where the mobile is!
- No need to worry that I let the mobile at desk when I am roaming someplace at work.

- Wondering who will call(Basically friends, as I keep in touch with most of them regularly).
- Considering that I do not wear a watch, I have no way to catch the exact time unless I'm in front of my computer. (Thanks for my biological clock which can give be a rough estimate of the time :-))
- No access to contacts. Due to my poor internal memory, I do not remember any of the numbers and I do not have them on paper as well. So if I want to contact anyone........!!!!!

Ohhh.man................I guess the Cons win over Pros. So, I should never forget the mobile again!!!

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Riin Rõõs said...

yep, we were thinking the same, and offered others the opportunity to experience it.
so we did organize "A day without a mobile phone" and will be doing it again in different places in the world:

btw. i did internship in Kolkata few years ago - loved it!!!