Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Joe Girard's 13 Rules To Success!

Talking about Joe Girard yesterday, I thought I should share some of his principles which would help us in day today life, no matter in which field we are.

  • HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE: hang around with positive people, stay away from cry babies and complainers, because they will pull you down to their level. If something isn't going right in your life, keep it to yourself, no one wants to hear your problems, make people believe you are having a wonderful time.

  • ORGANIZE YOUR LIFE: keep an appointment book so that you don't have to use the words that sicken me: "I FORGOT." At the end of each day, meditate upon what you did or did not do, so you can become stronger for tomorrow. Plan your work for the next day. If you know where you are going you will get there. If you don't, you are LOST!

  • WORK WHEN YOU WORK: don't take long lunch hours, and only eat with people who can help your cause, not with other salespeople. Do not sneak out of work early, if you do you are a LOSER.

  • OBSERVE GIRARD'S NO-NOs: No smoking or chewing tobacco, no gum, no colognes, no profanity, no dirty jokes, no alcohol breath, and men do not wear earrings when you are working. Turn off cell phones - they're irritating. The biggest killer of them all is NOT BEING ON TIME.

  • DRESS THE PART: what kind of people are you dealing with. If you are selling to blue collar workers, don't wear $500 suits and expensive shoes, jewelry or watches (it's a big distraction). Wear it on your own time, not when you're working - clothes can turn people off.

  • LISTEN!: People can tell if you're not listening. The longer you listen, the more obligated people will feel towards you. The more you listen, the more likely a customer is going to do business with you. Listening shows that you care. "The mouth should only be used for eating - keep your mouth shut!" Silence is Golden.

  • SMILE!: A smile increases your face value. If people would smile more, your customers would feel better and want to do business with you, plus it's great for your health!

  • RETURN ALL PHONE CALLS & EMAILS: not returning calls or emails are a way to lose customers and friends. Return your calls and emails as soon as possible. If you don't, that's a good way to burn a bridge!

  • TELL THE TRUTH: if you get caught in a lie even once, you will always be a liar. Even if you tell the truth for the rest of your life, you won't be trusted or believed, consider yourself DEAD.

  • DON'T OVERCHARGE: if you do, and the customer compares your deal with somebody else, you have lost him. Take a little and leave a little; Joe only worked on a small profit, but he was heavy on volume, averaging six retail automobile sales a day. Word of mouth got around that YOU CAN'T BEAT JOE GIRARD'S PRICE.

  • STAND IN FRONT OF YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICES: not behind. The most important thing to do for your customer is SERVICE them, and they will do business with you over and over again. This is what made JOE #1 IN THE WORLD.

  • LOCK UP EVERY SALE: after you have closed the sale, ask your customers why they bought from you - if they tell you why, they are reinforcing their trust in you. Therefore no more buyers' remorse, MEANING NO MORE CANCELLATIONS.

  • REWARD YOURSELF: treat yourself well for all the smart work you have done; YOU DESERVE IT!

For more information on Joe Girard visit his official site here

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