Thursday, November 8, 2007

'Bug'ged up weeks!

Past two weeks were really busy. So busy, that I did not get time,even to update my blog. WoW, I never imagined that I will be sooo busy that I will not even get 20/30 minutes a day to update my blog!

Being in the 'Software Testing' field, one has to know that 'one' bad build can really screw up an entire week! For us, last couple of builds were very bad and with 'basic functionality' also not working fine, we were on our toes for past two weeks. Finding bugs / crashes /exceptions, creating MR's(Modification requests) and again testing after getting an update from the developer - these were the only things on our 'to do' list.

Usually, even in situations like these, I grab some time to update the blog (during installations / uninstallations) but our IT guys, being the protectors of Band width, blocked the blogger site and indirectly blocked me from updating the blog.

At home, 'my not so friendly' CA personal Firewall was giving me a lot of problems during surfing the web. It made my Internet speed 10 to 15times slower, making it impossible to update my blog. After a lot of thinking and troubleshooting for over a month, I uninstalled CA and moved to Kaspersky which is so far OK.

So... that's what happened to me in past 2 weeks, finding bugs, at work in the day and fighting alien bugs in Halo 2 at home, during the nights. So, my past two weeks were spent with bugs day and night :-).

Now, most of the major bugs have been fixed at work(at least for this build), God know what's going to happen with the next!! But for now,there are lots of alien bugs for me to kick ass in Halo 2. I hope I will continue my blogging spree again from today onwards....

So, good bye for now, gotta kick some alien butt!!!!!

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