Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Gosh!! Its been 9 years

Yes, I feel exactly like that when I think about it. I am taking about start of my 'Happy Days' i.e., my first day in Engineering collage. I still remember the first day, 23'rd November 1998. In another 2 days, it will be 9 years, sooo long but it seems so short, the memories are still very fresh.

As I said earlier, there is lot and lot more to come from these days on this blog and for convenience I have labeled these special posts with "'Happy Days' Forever".

For now, I just have to say that I will be off for rest of the week and have no access to Internet. I will be back with more posts from next week onwards.

Finally, to all my friends out there(From School, Collage, Graduation, work), I miss you all and thanks for being with me all the time!!!


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