Monday, November 26, 2007

Class 7C*

'Class 7 C', Seems like a movie title right? But it is not movie this time, its my class when I was studying 7'Th standard in St. Anthony's High School, Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad.

Few days back, when I was searching for something and was emptying all the racks, one of the photographs slipped out and it was of Class 7 C. One glance of this photograph brought in loads of memories. I was always fortunate to have great set of Friends where ever I am and same happened with the school too. And being in one school from Kindergarten to 10'Th standard fetched me a great set of friends.

Below is that photograph and from it, I remember most of the boys and few girls. So, I have named the boys in row and girls, just who all I remember.

Names in bold: we are still in touch ; Names in normal font: I just remember the names

Top row(L to R): Rajani Kanth, Pragati prasad, Bindu Sagar, Bharat Bushan, ??, Jagadish, P Vikranth, Me, Sunil, Sridhar, Deepesh, Sumanth. 2'nd row(L to R): Kalyan, PY Kiran, Ramu, Maruthi, GS Vikranth, ??, Ramana, Ravikanth, Ravi Prasad, Rama Krishna, ??, Yadiaiah, Girls: Chandana, Rajani, Shailaja, Ananta Lakshmi, Shilpa, K Shailaja, Sruthi, Deepika, Usha, Ujwala

Talking about school days, I had lots of interests rather than interests I can say that I was mad of many things. To name a few, collecting pens, playing video games, spending on my Bicycle and to top it all, I was great admirer of Dinosaurs, yes! Dinosaurs.

Everything I had, used to have at least one dinosaur on it. Book covers, Labels, bags, lunch box, pens and when ever I get some time, I used to draw pictures of Dino's. I had a 2 foot skeleton model of T. Rex and loads of Dino stuff that I can gather. I used to read about Dino's, Dream about Dino's and always think about them. At one point I even considered to be a Paleontologist. I must have watched Jurassic park at least 200 times.

When I think about it now, I feel crazy. Now I realize why people around me used to call me crazy at those times. But my love for Paleontology never ceased and some where in the remote corner of my brain, I still want to be a Paleontologist. :-)

BTW, our class teacher, Pankajavalli teacher is the best teacher in whole of my schooling and my love for science developed from her teachings only.

School days are funny days...........

P.S: I am not sure why, Sundeep and Rameshwar are missing in the above photograph.

*As far as I know it's 7'Th class but there are fair chances for it to be 8'Th class too.

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chandana said...

OH wow.....Its been so long....look at all of us, dont we all look tooo studius...ha ha ha and s Bharani, one glance of this photograph has certainly brought loads of memories.