Thursday, November 15, 2007

Chemistry.....Scores....Judges....Please vote

As the weekend is soon approaching, by chance if you turn on the idiot box(TV) to watch any of the National or regional channels* the most popular words that you will hear on them are Chemistry, Scores, Judges, Please vote. Before your imaginations get wild let me tell that these are the terms used by anchors, participants, judges in the reality dance shows.

These dance shows are of various types, I mean the limit is the wildest imagination of the conceptual designer. One common thing in all the dance shows is that they are performed by pairs and as each show should be different than another one show has popular TV stars who are couples in real life, one show has a choreographer and a famous personality(not an actor), one show has a choreographer and a TV star and the combinations go on....

For me, these so called 'Reality Shows' do not seem not at all real. The reason, in fact they are a couple:

To start from, the selection of judges. In all the shows, there will be three judges, where one will be rough, straight forward and bold in his/her comments, one will be very soft and appreciate everyone and the other is some were in between these two, neither too praising or criticizing. All this to cater all types of audiences and to take the audience into emotional trauma with their comments.

There will be differences at least among two teams which are participating, most commonly it comes by one team commenting something personal on the other and they create a big drama in front of the audience(Not to forget that these all the in fact actors by profession).

There will be elimination of the teams depending on the scores they get from the judges and audience votes. By any chance if any team gets eliminated, the audience can vote for them and get their liked team back in the race. What Crap!!!!

There are some other things but at this moment they are not striking in my mind now.

Now, coming to the words:

Chemistry: why Chemistry god why? for every couple, after they finish their dance the judges talk about their Chemistry either good or bad. What the hell has Chemistry to do with it??

Scores: As I talked about the behaviour of the judges above, their scores also reflect the same. I mean, one scores low, once high and one in between. Yeah, I agree that some times all of them give full scores when the performance is good but what skeptical to me is, when the performance is not good why all the judges 'not' give low scores?

Judges: Come on guys, we are the audience, judges are not audience. We are the guys who sit through those silly advertisements which pop up every 8 minutes and waste out time. But the participants behave in such a way that they are dancing for he judges, and to impress them. I agree that in every competition the judges should be impressed but this seems to be too flamboyant to me.

Please Vote: Now, its the turn of the audience. The teams, plead the audience to pleeease pleeease vote for them. And its something that is not free. We have to vote for the team we like through SMS's or calling a special number and choosing the option for the team we like. But the catch is, the costs for these SMS's and calls are much higher than the normal charges.

So, my final judgement on these dance shows: Teams which dance and Judges get paid for what the are doing, the programme producers earn hefty amounts through advertisements between the programme, the TV channels TRP ratings get high and its ranking increases.

But he only people who get screwed here are us the audience, who watch and waste one hour of our precious time over the weekend and I pity the people who in fact vote!!!

*In India


Anonymous said...

Even I always wonder who votes to all those participants. Also, all those who call radio stations, TV programmes etc.... at any point of the day!! I really sympathize for them!


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