Tuesday, October 16, 2007

'Happy Days' Forever!

Last weekend I got to see 'Happy Days', and as long as I was watching the movie only my body was there in the theatre, my mind and soul went back to the years 1998 to 2002. WoW! the memories were so fresh, as if they happened yesterday and they came up from my sub conscious mind so quick, as if they were hard coded in its cache.

Its not about the movie 'Happy Days' that I want to mention here, but its about my actual graduation days that I am pondering about. My 'Happy Days' Forever have nothing in similar to the 'happy days' shown on the screen except for the Araku trip Our Gang (HAWKS + SKAPSS) went and is one of the unforgettable trips in my life. Our gang had 15 boys and 6 Girls, Boys were called HAWKS and Girls, SKAPSS(Don't get creative, they just made up this word from first letters in their Names). Once we started the trend of naming ourselves many others followed and it resulted in Tuneega, Bulls, Butterflies and few more shaping up.

I cannot put all 4 years into one post, so I have created a special 'Label' called "'Happy Days' Forever" which will have beautiful memoirs from my graduation days. It has everything and everything: friendships, fights, infatuations, misunderstandings, crushes, ragging, Love, Break ups, hatred, jealousy, parties, last but not the least Studies and more and more. Its not that, after seeing the movie I came up with writing about my college days. It was on my mind from couple of months and now it got materialized.

I have to clarify that, when I meant 'Happy Days Forever', its not that we were all the time happy, we cried, we stood through the pain and had difficult times. But these are the thoughts which will bring up a 'genuine' smile or a tear from everyone of us from our deepest core. In that way they are 'Happy Days' Forever.

With no second thought, I can say that those are not just 'Happy days', they are 'Happy days Forever'.

Meet our Gang -The Hawks*:


L to R: Sunil, Me, Ravi, Deen, Chinna Pavan, Anand, Prashanth, Jimmy, Kanti, Venky, Ali, Naveen, Shashi, Siddhu, Peda Pavan.**

One thing I had to confess is, right after the move was finished, I wanted to call all my friends and talk. In fact I was waiting for the movie to end so that I can call my friends.

* SKAPSS photo unavailable as of now.

**I have tried my best to write the names in order :-), sorry if there are any mistakes. This photo was not at all clear as it belongs to pre digital era :-)


Sudhakar Komakula said...

Very good to see ur Happy Days friends.

Naveenkanth JR said...

Its not Santoo. Its Ali. Santoo is the one who captured the pic


Sunil said...

Good blog dude...feel nostalgic about all the things that happened in those fabulous 4 yrs...i guess i need to watch that movie :)

Unknown said...

Great to see this blog..good work 'B'.I never for get those 4 yrs in my life.when I was reading this blog just thinking when will I get those days back again...??? never.I would like to watch 'HAPPY DAYS' movie...

Unknown said...

Its good to see this photo in the blog, while i am reading the article my eyes were reared thats all i can say at this moment


Ravi said...

The blog is really heart touch. Makes me feel nostalgic. Good work B.