Friday, October 19, 2007

First Day, First Show!!

Being a not so movie buff form the beginning, me watching a movie on first day is very very rare. Forget first day, watching it on first week or most if the times as it is, even in first month is uncommon and that too in a Theater hmm...! . I do see lot of movies on DVD, 'cause I can skip of all the songs and silly fights. Believe me, sometime last month I have seen 3 Telugu movies in 40 minutes. That's the way I watch Hindi and Telugu movies.

For a person like me who likes to enjoy the movie peacefully, watching a Telugu movie on a First day amidst those loud cheers/whistles and papers flying all around(Some times the papers thrown block most of the screen) is not my peg of Vodka!

But..but...but... My better half being a Ardent die hard fan of Mahesh Babu, I started seeing Mahesh Babu's movies on first day with her. One relieving thing is that my uncle gets the tickets for me when ever need so, I escape the hardships of getting the tickets on first day.

And yesterday was yet another such day as Mahesh babu's Athidi was released. I pushed my uncle to get tickets in Imax as it will be very much quieter than a regular theater. But, I got tickets in Sudarshan 35 MM and I got cooked in the theater amidst the first day freakyness and pandemonium.

In the Movie, Violence was too much, Comedy wise OK, Songs OK, Photography/Songs picturisation/Action sequences were good- over all an OK type movie. I felt it was dragged a bit towards the end

This was my feeling, on contrary my better half's feeling - Super..Super and Again Super!!

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Sunil said...

haha....tell me about having to watch a movie for others...i had to go watch this same movie with a first telugu movie in the theater in the US