Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Yesterday evening, I was in a meeting and when my eyes glanced outside from the drapes into the work area, suddenly from no where this memoir hit me.

This one is not from 'Happy Days' Forever (Graduation Days) but its much earlier than that. I guess it was from 8'Th standard in St.Anthony's High School, Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad. We all were in 8'Th Standard and when I meant we, its Ravi, Sumanth, Ramana, Sundeep, Sunil, PY Kiran, Rameshwar, Deepesh, me and there were few more but these are the guys who are still in touch regularly no matter where we are geographically.

There was a girl in 10'Th class who was supposedly beautiful and don't know who named her but we used to call her "Fair Beauty" in short 'FB'. If I think about it now, I cant stop laughing on our stupidity.

When ever she used to pass through the corridor our heads also used to turn along with her till she was completely out of sight. And if by chance if any one didn't notice, some over enthusiastic guy used to alert every one saying FB...FB...FB.

One day when one of the very strict teachers(I do not recollect the name, I think it was Kamakshi Mam) was teaching the class and every one was busy taking the notes, FB was passing by and everyone were very much involved in the class. But this guy named Jagdish saw FB and in that excitement shouted in the class FB....FB ...FB....... Damn! Until he realised what he has done, the damage was done.

Teacher was asking every one what FB meant and every one in the class were as cold as ice and minds blocked with no answer to tell. So the teacher asked Jagdish to stand up and tell her what FB meant and we all were literally frozen expecting the worst to happen after he answers. He was dumb - frozen, teacher was demanding on the answer and she put her foot down and told that she will not continue the class till she gets the answer.

We all were on the verge of getting a heart attack and I cant imagine what Jaggu was going through. At that point Jaggus lips uttered something which blew our brains out. Teacher said WHAT? Jaggu repeated- Mam, 'FB' means 'Friends and Brothers' (What Crap)


Teacher was convinced with some crap explanation Jaggu gave on this or at least he pretended to be. But we all were very much relieved that we passed that moment safely.

Now 14 years later, this incident still remains fresh in my mind and I still remember in what classroom we were in when this incident happened. Now it feels very strange when I think about it, not only strange funny and stupid too.........

P.S: My friends who were there at that time with me, if you want to add something to this, please do post it as a comment on this post, I will publish it. :-). I am sure I missed some names here, please add them if you guys can recollect.

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Sunil said...

haha...this is so funny! I am surprised that you still remember all this. When i started reading this post, everything flashed right infront of my eyes. Was this the same time all of us guys had to kneel down in front of the water tank for like 3 hrs??? BTW...any news as to where jaggu is these days?