Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Are you searching for manual required for your JAVA class? or are you searching for an Excel sheet with data of "Historical population for Baseline Countries/Region, 1969-2007" ;-) or in the matter of fact, are you are searching for any document, pdf / ppt / doc / rtf / ps / xls? Here is DocuFarm, a search engine which searches only documents.

With the required key word we can search for all the documents available or if we want a specific type of document, we can choose from pdf / ppt / doc / rtf / ps / xls, and do a search.

So what are you waiting? hit on DocuFarm and search for the required documents.


Cinema Pichodu said...

Awesome find raa....Thanks !!

Sravan Reddy said...

yemani blog rasavo deeni mida , this site is closed yesterday daaaaaaaamit!!!!!!!!!