Monday, October 1, 2007

Expect more from us!

This is not any caption from a hospitality industry nor from any bank or some service company. This is a statement on a huge hoarding right in front of HITEC City(Cyber Towers) showing off the 'so called' prestigious projects under taken by State Government and GHMC(Grater Hyderabad Municipal Co-operation earlier known as MCH).

Every day I will be held in traffic at HITEC City for 30 minutes on a stretch of 1 odd Kilometer moving inch by inch at snail pace. With curses for the inability of this Government to deal with traffic(in the matter of fact any problems) in my mouth and having nothing to do I gaze around and when ever I raise my head I directly see this Hoarding with "Expect more from us" written on it and our Chief Minister's photo merrily laughing right beside it.

As soon as I see that hoarding I get Psyched up and my teeth clinch in anger. Expect more from us? Yes, I also have this question, is it this uncontrollable traffic? Officials corrupt the core? increasing unsocial and terrorist activities? collapsing fly overs? Increasing prices of regular commodities? Land prices sky rocketing? Law and order gone for a toss?

Yes, we are expecting more!!

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