Monday, September 10, 2007

Hydera'BAD' Times II

Just when the sad memories of the twin blasts which rocked the beautiful city of Hyderabad couple of weeks back(Hydera'BAD' Times) were about to fade, another disaster struck yesterday evening, where many Innocent lives were lost.

The disaster came in the form of a Fly over in construction which crashed along with the metal scaffolding under it. It was Sunday evening and I guess traffic might be a bit less than usual weekday traffic or else the death toll would have been much higher.

Photo Courtesy: Unknown

The reason for the collapse? heavy down pour for an hour or so. Its a fly over which should withstand thousands of such rains and last for centuries, dammit!! not something which falls off like a pack of cards.

Who is to blame now? Is it the Government which gave the contract of the flyover to a black listed company? Or The GHMC(Greater Hyderabad Municipality Crap or something) which cannot over look the progress and quality of the construction or the water board which dug up along the flyover? Every one is in the Blame Game now, but can the lives of the innocent people who were enjoying their Sunday evening brought back?

My question is, they can construct the flyover back again (that too god knows when, getting the central Government reports, Enquiry committee reports and what not) but can they construct back the confidence of the people? Its sucks .............I never ever thought that my city can turn out to be so unpredictable and dangerous. One hit after another....... Is the government sleeping? ha ha..I guess its not even sleeping its DEAD.....Dead .....DEAD...and corrupt to the inner most core.

Its busy dealing with its inner politics, resolving conflicts among its own party workers and Grabbing land. Where is the time for them to look at the plight of common man?

I am sick and tired of it!!

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