Monday, September 24, 2007

Rocking weekend!!

When I say "Rocking Weekend", it literally was a Rocking one. This Sunday morning, our gang(Vivek, Srikanth, Sajjad, his son(Saif) daughter(Afra), his friend Raghu and me) drove into the rocky hills which come up few kilometers after Bachpally for our weekly Photography Expedition.

This time my equipment was missing as my Sony H2 had problem with auto focusing for the third time in past 6 months, and I had to give it for servicing. Event without my camera I had a blast "on the rocks" and enjoyed my Sunday morning to the max.

With Sajjad in our gang we get to see some amazing jumps from him and sometimes we also get inspired from him. These jumps pumped enough adrenaline into my body which I can relish for the entire week. This was a bit milder than our decent in, The Day I Lived Again but unique in its own way. Any slip on our trek would have surely resulted in some broken bones. But no casualties, except for some regular bruises and we are ready for the next weekend.

As I said, my camera was missing and it was a good reason for me to spend much time with the rocks. All the photographs below are clicked by Vivek.

Me preparing mentally for the jump:

Aaaaand there I go........................:

Me Doing Superman on top of the hill:

Sajjad doing his usual Spider Man stuff:

Afra, Saif and Raghu trying the Mission Impossible climb:

Passing on the equipment:

One more jump where I trashed my fear to death:

Pondering on the climb - Me, Vivek and Sajjad(L to R):

It was a tiresome climb and decent:

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