Thursday, September 6, 2007

Worst Customer Service Experience in my life!!

Being in Customer Service industry for around 4 years and being a trainer in the past, let me first define what Customer Service means to me. Its providing the customers with information/help with the products or services in the most effective and timely manner. I agree that Customer Service has some boundaries but its unwritten rule that we can always go an extra mile or out of the way to help the customer is always there.

So, let me come to my experience, sorry the worst ever Customer Service experience. I guess its better to say that worst experience's, as every time I visit them its only the worst experience. Now a days when ever I have to go there, I am prepared mentally that it only the worst of the worst experience that I am going to get.

Wondering whom I am talking about? Its Reliance Communications! Yes, you are correct an Anil Dhirubhai Ambani group of company.

How it all started....

I was in need of an Internet connection and in the area where I live there is no provider who is offering a broadband connection. You might suggest BSNL but alas that's not on the list either. The only option I had was going for a wireless connection. At the same time one of my friend wanted to sell off his Reliance Data card which came free with his laptop as he already had a broadband at home.

So , I took the data card from(which has 3 months free plan:-)) him and became a customer of Reliance Communications. At that moment, I did not have the slight idea of pain I was to go through being a customer of Reliance.

Moment of truth...

After few days the Internet stopped working and I went to the Reliance WebWorld for help(One sick thing is you can call reliance customer service from reliance phone only). The person over there said that the total bill crossed the limit and so the connection was suspended. After me explaining to 3 executives that the connection was no 3 months free plan they said that they will restore the connection by next day.

I waited for 3 days and no progress. I visited the reliance WebWorld again and the information I got is my bill has crossed the limit and so my connection was barred. Again I tried hard to explain the simple fact that its on 3 months free and I do not have to pay anything. They said they will restore the connection back in 2 days.

I waited for 4 days and still my Internet connection dead as a log. I visited the WebWorld and was ready to punch the person if he talks about my bill. For my surprise, this time the reason was different. They said that my house address verification was negative and that is the reason for suspending the services.

Again, I explained him that it was on my friends name and wanted to know why the hell they would verify the address in the middle of a plan when there is 2 months of free service still left. They did not have any answer. I gave my friends address, phone number etc. and the time I got this time is 2 days.

(This one is a killer) As you might have guessed, still the connection was not restored and I visited the WebWorld again. This time the reason I got for disconnection is there was some Rs. 200 due on my account and the due date has passed. Not having any energy to argue further, I told him that I am ready to pay the bill now. They said the bill payments are accepted only till 8 PM and as it was 8.30 PM they cannot take my payment now and asked me to come again tomorrow. This freaked me out, I raised my voice and shouted on one of the executive on what has happened from all these days. After the shouting he accepted to take the payment and restore the services.

From frying pan into fire...

After one happy month I thought of changing the connection on to my name so that there will be no complications in the future. So I, my friend with address proof, ID proof and photographs went to Ameerpet reliance WebWorld. The guy simply said that its not possible. The reason: My friend stays in Alwal, I stay in Kondapur. As the connection should be transferred to the Kondapur area I should give the application at Madhapur branch of WebWorld. I told him that that was sick, when buying the datacard we can buy from any location irrespective of address but all these sick rules come up now. The guy was very very rude and asked me to leave as he cannot help me. I asked him to give me the phone number of Madhapur WebWorld, the answer I got was "I do not know"(Very rude tone). I said can you please ask someone and find it out, he said " no, I will not do that its your problem to find the number". With bad words filled in my mouth, I left the place.

Payback time...

So another month passed, 3 months free trail expired and the bill payment time came. With my previous experience at Ameerpet Webworld I swore I will never visit that branch again. So, I went to Panjagutta webworld, payed the bill and when I enquired about the change in ownership, they said they can do it if I can get all the documents i.e., My address proof, ID proof, photograph and authorization letter from the original owner. I re-confirmed all the documents and went home happy.

Couple of days later I took all the requested documents and went to the Panjagutta WebWorld, so after looking at those the guy said he needs self attested ID proof on the original owner, which seemed logical but they never mentioned that to me when I asked for the required documents twice.

Bugged up to the core.........

A week later, I got the required documents from my friend and submitted a the documents at the Panjagutta WebWorld. The guy said it will take 72 hours(3 days) for the transfer to happen. So I gave them 15 days time and visited the branch day before yesterday. I talked to the lady at the desk and came to know that my application was never received or it was lost and I have to submit the whole set again.

That was the limit, my vocal chords burst out, if it was not a lady on the other side I guess I would have lost control on my anger. I asked for the store Manager, for which she said he is not available. I asked for his phone number immediately so that I can talk to him, without out answering my question she went inside and brought a huge pile of trash(at least they are maintaining as if it was trash). After 30 minutes of search in that trash I found my application rusting in there.

Some use for the strain on my vocal chords. She said she will process the request for sure and asked me to check later. With minimal hope I left the store. I will post the ending or the new beginning what ever.........

In my so many visits to the Reliance store I found that the people over there are not at all friendly to the customers, in fact they are very rude and shout on customers, Their servers are most of the times down and they dont show any empathy towards the customers.

So my judgement on Reliance Customer Service, IT SUCKS BIG TIME!!!!


Anonymous said...

I've been there buddy! In fact, all the time.

Am not sure if we being in the Customer Support/ service industry all our careers makes it all the more unacceptable.

I wonder how others (not in service inductry, for example) feel about all these "service" providers!


Naveenkanth JR said...

True I agree. What companies don't understand is that Customer Service cannot be taught like management lessons. Its an attitude that needs to be inherent. When HR understands this, half the job is done and Good!!


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