Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nerve wrecking...Nail biting ...Spine chilling

What else can happen and what more can a cricket fan want? Its a dream come true for all the cricket fans on the planet when arch rivals India and Pakistan play for the World T20 cup!!

Match was to start at 5.30 PM India time and by 5 PM most of the seats in our office were empty, including mine ;-). I am sure its the same case in most of the work places. I rushed home through the Traffic and crashed on the couch in front of the TV with a big bowl of pop corn in my hands.

The innings started with India batting, which was slow in the initial stages with couple of wickets down. But towards the end of 20 overs India pooled up a decent score and it was up to the Indian bowlers to bowl out Pakistan within the target.

Pakistan at midway lost half the wickets and the match was almost in the favour of India. But with few sixes Pakistan was back in the game and the target looked easier to reach. The only option for India was to pick wickets and at this point every Indian was praying for a fall of wicket siting at the edge of their seats. With the decreasing number of balls and runs to win the pulse of every Indian rose to the peak.

And at the end, India lifted the T20 World Cup playing against none other than Pakistan.

Congratulations to the Team India and every Indian.....Way to Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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