Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Safe farewell to lord Ganesha

Amidst thousands of Cops and para military forces, we bid adieu to Lord Ganesha yesterday. People who were on the roads yesterday has to say that there were more cops on the roads than devotees. All this due to the bomb threat during this period and few unsocial activities happening in the recent past.

As the saying goes, all is good that ends good. The fare well to Ganesha went on peacefully without any discord. Also, the rain god showering his blessings in the evening brought in fresh and extra enthusiasm in the devotees.

Coming to me, office declared holiday for Ganesh Visarjan as roads will be blocked due to the processions on the roads and might be also due to the bomb scare. So, having no were to go I stuck to my routine - eat, sleep, watch movies, music and sleep.

At last, one thing that went on without any problems in this Government......Phew!!

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