Friday, September 7, 2007

Looking back.....

104 posts
107 days*
6106 hits

Excellent: 38
Good: 10
Bad: 8
Not Sure: 0

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If you are wondering what these numbers are about? They are the statistics of my online identity, My Blog. In another 3 days My blog will be five months old and looking back, this 5 months seem to be a long journey, right from my first post "Me a Blogger?" to my latest post "Worst Customer Service Experience in my life!!". So Far, So Good....

Most of my posts are My Thoughts about day to day things in which I am involved, My Photography expeditions and Photographs, Technology that I come across and my Favourite topic Hyderabad Traffic. Not to forget I also post about Trivia that I know, funny/humorous articles, Inspirational stuff, Movies, Music, Facts of life and Information that I want to share with everyone.

Also there has been lots of changes made to the blog. Keeping the layout same I have added loads of information over to the right. You will see Today's event, Yesterdays event, My Expirements with Truth(Pictures taken by me), Worth a click(Friends Blogs) and RSS Feeds of Word of the Day, Google News, Yahoo Technology News, IBN Top Headlines, Digital Photography Review, New Movies in theatre, Telugu Movie news, Telugu Movie reviews, News and trends in the storage industry, News on data management trends and technology, TIME: Pictures of the week, Top Gear Latest News, Health and How to Change the World(Blog of Guy Kawasaki).

So, even if you are done reading my daily post there is always something new to read or explore in the above categories on my blog. I hope to continue writing as I am doing now even in my tightest of the schedules, Happy Reading to you all and Happy Blogging to my fellow Bloggers.

*I post only on weekdays
P.S: I appreciate readers comments on my posts so please fell free to object/argue/agree with my feelings.

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Anonymous said... are day in the office starts after reading your blog....then sumanth...then vivek(Now a days he is not posting.....)..keep going....write somthing on obesity as well ;)