Friday, September 21, 2007

Orange --> Pink --> Red

These are not the colors to which my face changed, travelling daily in Hyderabad Traffic nor the colors of my new dress(FYI: I never wore these colours). These are the colors changed by a company represented by a cute Pug. If you are still wondering about what I am talking, its Hutch.

Hutch entered the mobile market with bright Orange color, changed to Pink couple of months back and with Vodafone acquiring the company, the color now changed to Red.

If you are a regular follower of business news, in recent past we might have noticed many mergers and takeovers. Kanbay Taken over by CapGemini, Arcelor taken over by Mittal Steel and Corus taken over by Tata Steel being the major ones. There has been a rumor in the industry that Infosys is going to take over CapGemini few weeks back and news that Tata is bidding to take over Jaguar and Land Rover.So, out there its always bigger fish eating the smaller ones. Many big companies grew bigger and bigger through acquisitions, for example: Google, Microsoft, AOL, CA, EarthLink, Motorala, General Motors, Ford and many more. Almost Every company big and small did it in the past and many are still doing it, to be ahead in the race called business.

Sometimes these mergers do not go as planned as in the case of VisualSoft and AppLabs and sometimes not so employee friendly, for example Oracle fired thousands of employees during their merger with PeopleSoft. So, a merger can be good or bad - depends on what perspective you are looking at.

As far as I know, one thumb rule always rules in this cut throat competition , "Only the best of the best survive"!

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