Thursday, September 13, 2007

Time for a break!

It's 5 in the evening and I just woke up from my afternoon sleep. Being a not so "sleepy" person, this might come as a surprise to those who know me, but this is true. I am writing this post straight from my bed, sipping on Orange Juice.

Yesterday, with my foolish thought to reach home early, I started from work around 5.40 in the evening. Though it rained heavily yesterday afternoon, when I started from work it was drizzling and I thought I will reach home without getting drenched completely. But later when I was stuck amidst of thousands of vehicles, in ankle deep water and rain pouring down like there was no tomorrow, I came to know that it's a very bad idea to think to reach home early.

Last week, I wrote about Hyderabad traffic for the N'th time in Can it be more worse? and yesterday, I got my answer. Yes, it can be more worse and speaking figuratively F#$%* worse. One thing I missed in Can it be more worse? is any disaster which might block the traffic. With the Fly Over crash last weekend, the whole stretch of the Panjagutta was blocked and the traffic was being diverted.

I reached home at 7.40 in the night yesterday i.e., it took 2 hours for me to travel 17 kilometers. After being drenched for so much time and with loads of mental stress in traffic, I thought I need a break badly. Atleast 1 day away from traffic and pollution. So, I decided to just Sleep, Eat and Sleep and eat more and sleep :-). and I am doing it!!

So, time to get back to sleep......ohh sorry first eat something and take rest.......

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Unknown said...

Lucky You..

It took me 3 hours to reach home... Started from my office at 6:15 PM and reached home at 9:30..

any words about it..