Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Funny Nostalgic Past....

Yesterday when I was cleaning my Fish Bowl I remembered a weird(now it feels very much weired) thing that I have done when I was a kid.

I think I was in my 6'Th or 7'Th standard and back then I had big Complan jar in which I had some fishes. I had couple of Goldie's, Angels and Fighters in it. Every day after I returned from school I used to see one fish dead in my jar, so on one holiday I sat in front of the bowl for most of the time to see what exactly was happening.

What I found was the Fighter Fish which will usually roam around the brim of the water was hunting down any fish which comes in its way. So, in this fashion all my fishes were killed by the fighters and at last, one of the fighters was also killed. The lone fighter stood the test of time alone in the jar for few months and after which it also gave up and passed off.

At those times I was very much intrigued with Egyptian culture and was reading and watching stuff about the Egyptian mummies and culture. So the idea struck, when my lone fighter died. I wanted to make it mummy and preserve it. So I began the process of mummification...he he he.. I cut the dead fish, removed its parts and dried it in the sun after putting some salt.

After the fish was dried for day or two, I wrapped it in cloth and put in inside a large match box(home lites). I kept the box inside a huge pile of sand on the terrace, paid it a tribute and prayed for the safe departure of its soul to the heavens. Thats all I can rember about this incident and as far as I remember I never went back to the box again.

When I think about it now, ofcourse its weired and funny, but it was way back in 6'th standard.

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