Thursday, August 23, 2007

My 3 sets of new buddies!!

My Fish Bowl full of life again*

Yesterday I got myself 3 sets of new pals. A pair if tiger fish, a pair of Goldie's and a pair of sharks(that's what the shop guy called them). Fish's are not new to me, this time its like a new fish in an old bowl :-).

I had pet fishes earlier. There are few problems when having fishes as pets. They are very delicate and any small negligence like putting some extra food or not cleaning the bowl for long time and sometimes even hot temperatures can kill them. So, When my last sucker fish died last summer, I thought I will not buy more fish till the climate gets cooler.

Last month, I asked my mom to take out the fish bowl, clean it and keep it ready, but did not get time to go to an aquarium to get fishes. Yesterday, While I was talking to one of my colleague regarding pets, I thought that I have to get fish today at any cost and I got them.

I have been having fishes right from my school days, of course not continuously. Back then I used to pester my mom to buy big jars of complan and other items so that after the stuff in it got over, I get to keep my fishes in it.

So, have to see how long this episode goes. I will try my Best to maintain the fishes and pray for their long life!!

* The above shot, I have to click many pictures to get all the fishes in on shot.


Chaitra said...

Cool!!!!!!!!! I love fish too.......
so finally you are wid your good old buddies eh!!!!!!! U musta been 'njoyin' life wid them; Please see that you keep them more happie this time n probably I've gotta a couple of ideas 4 u; hope it works wid all of you there (i mean you and ur fishy buddies :)Why don't you change their place... i mean when you can give a double suite, why du u wanna limit their world to a bowl; PLEASE GO AHEAD AND GETTA A BIG , REALLY HUGE TUB and FILL IT WITH WATER; so they 'njoy their life out there. If you have liked my first idea read on to my next one

Please watch out for any negative energy that gets into their land of dreams.Time for you to pull ur socks and get rid of all negative energies (if any) from the place else, trust me it might prove dangerous for our dear li'l cute friends...
Hehehhehe HAppie Fishin' Bharani

Take Care of the Li'l onezzzzz
Ciao:) :) :) :) :) :)

Mily said...

They look great! Do you now what are the shark ones actually called? I'm looking for a fish bowl like that for my pond fish and water lilies to go in for the winter.