Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Grrr...rrrr....Anger......Anger Management!

You people may wonder if I am starting a course in Anger Management or I am about to lecture on it...Anta Scene ledu lendi! I know that I am not the right person to preach about that. People who generally know me never believe that I sometimes get real angry and people who know me from many years, they know how bad it is. Its because I maintain my cool most of the times, even if there is a volcano inside me I look normal ...Volcano anaka apudapudu peltundi kada andi....very rarely Volcano's burst right, its the same with me.

Anger in one thing that I am sure everyone of us get..Manishi anaka epudo oka sari kopam vastundi kadandi, uppu karam tuntamu kada! Kopam raka potey manamu manushalamu ela avutamu? Mahatmulu avutamu kani :-) The key thing is how we control it. I guess many people show their anger in many ways, when it comes to me(which it rarely comes) I also show it in my way and it has a logic.

I believe that people are more important than anything else! when I say anything, its absolutely anything. I show my anger on things around or with me. 'cause I believe that things can always be got or bought back. But people once gone rarely come back. This is the moral I learnt from innumerable past experiences.

As I mentioned earlier, things that are eaten by my anger can be absolutely anything. The most common thing that always breaks is my mobile, it the only thing which is with me always.

My recent victim was my Nokia 9300i Communicator. Damn, I miss it a lot. It was my access to Internet, my organiser to remind me of the tasks to do, birthdays, anniversary's and stuff, My data bank and information store.

My poor Nokia 9300i Communicator till last week:

My Nokia 9300i Communicator Now and Forever:

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Unknown said...

Thana kopame thana shatruvu annaru peddalu..

your anger is costlier...

Think abt it...