Tuesday, August 21, 2007

For the people or far from people?

Former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln defined democracy in terms of government of the people, by the people, for the people in his most famous speech of Gettysburg. But what today's government is doing? read on....

Yesterday when I was on my daily route to work which is bound to have many obstacles - Traffic Jams, at Somajiguda circle I sensed that the traffic and the number of vehicles which were bumper to bumper are considerably more than they usually should be. Having nothing to to do, I also got linked into the vehicular chain which was moving at snail pace.

Seeing security at the either sides of the road and couple of cop vehicles I though that, the Chief Minister whose house is very near might be on his way to work and for that reason cops might have stopped the normal traffic.

When I reached the circle just few meters from where I was stuck in traffic in 20 minutes, I found that what I thought was wrong. Actually the Chief Minister was sitting on a dais made in the circle and someone was speaking to the crowd.

After quick scan of the posters, banners and vehicles in the surrounding area, I came to know that yesterday was Rajiv Gandhi's Birth anniversary or something. One thing I hate here is political groups take normal people's time and effort for granted and just block the roads without any prior notice or information. At least they can't even put a sign for diversion that the road ahead is blocked. I have to go to the place where the action is happening and take a route back and go through a different route.

A small diversion board would have saved the time of thousands of people. Amidst the traffic while I was moving slowly, the speech from the loud speakers was faintly getting registered in my mind. I sensed that there is something wrong with the speech and I realized that the speech was going on in English...yes in English by some local politician. I did not get to turn and see who it was but I was sure that he was just reading a speech which was already prepared.

Admiring the courage and initiative taken by politician I was struggling my way through the traffic. I felt something else is not right in the scene I am seeing in front of me. I was awestruck by seeing the audience to whom the speech was being addressed to. Just by seeing, we can clearly notice that they are mobs of people who come to the city for such political activities from the surrounding villages for sake for 100/200 rupees with food supplied.

All this drama for nothing. Cant they organize such meetings in some grounds rather putting them in the middle of the road interrupting/disturbing thousands of people and wasting their time?

I know, I do not have an answer for this question! 'cause the only time the government comes to people and listens to them is only during the elections and I will give my strong answer at that time only!!

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