Friday, August 24, 2007

Saala Ek Machar......

"Saala Ek Machar, Admi ko Hijra banadeta hai" if one of the famous dilouge of Nana Patekar in a Hindi movie. In english it traslates to "One Mosquito can make a man Eunuch". You might be wondering why the hell I am mentioning it right now? read on.......

Yesterday, I finished my work at 7 PM and as my Mom was going out of station and I got to drop her at the Bus Stand I "thought" I will rush back home. Once I was on the road, I came to know that this "thought" .....ha ha....."thought"...remained just as a "thought".

The traffic was literally bumper to bumper, saying bumper sticking to bumper is also not exaggerating. So, I got into the band wagon of vehicles with endless wait time. From my work to Begumpet Flyover(Lifestyle), it took around 40 minutes. For those who are not familiar with the distance, it took me 40 minutes to creep a distance of 1 Km.

With my mouth filled with bad words and curses, I moved inch by inch and when I came on to the Begumpet Flyover, I saw that there was a broke down Maruti Zen in the middle of the road - All this chaos of one small car. That's the situation of the roads in Hyderabad, one small discord on the road can stop the traffic for hours and anyone cant do anything about it!

So, that's what I call, Saala Ek Machar, Admi ko Hijra banadeta hai!

It took me solid 1 hour 45 minutes to reach home that's a distance of 17 Kms. After this, I could not drive my bike as my head was 100 times heavier and I felt like there were 100 ,000 bells ringing inside. So, I took my Mom to the bus Stand in an Auto, gave her send off and it was 10.45 PM by then.

Another problem starts if you are on Hyderabad roads after 10.30(nearing 11 pm) and you are looking for an auto. The auto Drivers get authoritative and demand a certain fare with will be much grater than the normal fare. For me ,no one was at least stopping to talk about the fare.

I lingered around for few minutes and and there comes my saviour, a big huge, black color, three wheeled steering auto, in common terms 7-seater auto which will stop for you any where on the road at your slightest indication with any part of your body. So this was my life's first ride in a 7-seater auto , though bumpy and rough it took me to my destination.

It was a tiresome day and after a hot bath at 11.30 pm did not even care to have dinner - I just hit the bed.

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Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

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