Monday, August 20, 2007

More encounters with class reptelia!!!

After many weeks I got time to our weekend photography expeditions. This time the gang was big- Sajjad, Afra & Saif(Sajjads daughter and son), Vivek, Shyam, Veeru, Sai and me. When we started we decided that we will go past BHEL to some village and fields. After crossing BHEL en route to Lahari resorts an old, abandoned distillery factory caught our eye. So we parked our vehicles on the road and started walking into the fields to the abandoned plant. Due to the rain the earth was loose and the drizzle from the top added much excitement.

The factory looked like it was abandoned for 30 years or so. we were just examining the plant roaming around and clicking our way through. We saw a small monitor lizard in one of the oil tank. by its behavior that it might have slipped into the tank and it was stuck in there as the walls of the tank were very oily and the the water also had much amount of oil.

The lizard caught in oil tank

We were thinking ways to get that lizard out of the tank, Veeru brought along broken branch of a tree to help save the lizard. Sajjad and Shyam after playing around much and coaxing the lizard, they were able to bring out the lizard with the help of the branch.

Shyam and Sajjad, bringing the lizard out of the oil tank.

Being a reptile freak, I was waiting for the lizard to be brought up so that I can have some close encounters. Also, its been a while I did not get close to any reptiles after the adventure with a snake few months back. The lizard was very weak and not that much agile. So, we were able to garb it easily. We cleaned up its body which had an oil coat, clicked some photographs, examined the animal and left it in to the bushes. one more reason to leave it quickly is Snoopy, the pretty dash hound which was getting freaked out seeing the lizard.

Me and a Monitor Lizard :-)

Few clicks before setting the lizard free

After this amazing experience we were strolling in the field and saw few of the slowest guys on the field. I never seen Snails these big and so co-operative, they were not hiding in the shell even after me picking up those and examining them.

Snail - I had to put this guy in my lap to get some good close ups.

One another colourful creature we saw in the fields was a millipede. Its beautiful color, thousands of legs, dexterity amazed us.


I have seen this blood sucker on TV but never seen it up close fore real. this time I got to see the blood sucker of the animal world the "Leech". For my wonder its upper skin was rough, not smooth.

Leech - Dracula of animal world.

We strolled more in the green fields admiring the fresh air and beautiful climate for couple of hours and called it a day.

The gang(L to R) Afra, Shyam, Vivek, Sajjad, Veeru, Sai, Saif

We all went to home with some of the beautiful and amazing memories to cherish.

I will post the complete pictures of the trip once I get some time to edit and upload them.

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