Tuesday, August 7, 2007

After effects!!

Last weekend's trip to Kuntala and Pochara waterfalls was an amazing and unforgettable experience to me. The trip cut into our sleep time and I did not catch up sleep for 2 days.

Saturday night I had slept for couple of hours and complete Sunday, I was on the road from morning 10 to night 1 due to some or the other work. I think due to lack of sleep or something my body was tired and when I was in one of my friends home my nose caught a weired smell of haldi in the air and it got irritated.

From evening 5 to night 1, I guess I would have sneezed at least 500+ times. My body was getting more tired of this continuous sneezing. I came home Sunday night drenched, thanks to the rain which added much to the plight.

Yesterday I thought of bunking office but there was nothing for me to do and I thought instead of sitting in front of the computer at home., I would do the same at work. At least there will be someone to talk and time will pass doing something or the other.

By evening my head grew 100 timer heavier and it was like 1000 hammers banging from inside.

So, lesson learnt. When ever we go for a trip or outing, take sufficient rest before you start of with regular chores.

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