Thursday, August 9, 2007

More glimpses from "The day I lived again"..

Last weekend as I described it as "The day I lived again" and my friend Pavan described it as "Meeting with God postponed" was an unforgettable experience in my life. Before you go ahead and see the pictures below just, just read my post about this adventure, so that you have an idea of what you are seeing. If you have already read it..go ahead...(All these pictures are from Ashok's camera clicked by rest of the gang.)

The below photo is at the back of the dhaba. I was taking the picture of a Centipede here:

The below picture is at Pochara water falls. JaiRam looks on while I am busy composing the shot:

On top of the world(Pavan and me):

I was composing the shot where Pavan jumps from one rock to another in the below picture:

I was clicking the Gang here:

Anything for a perfect shot:

L'Oreal Studio to Local Barber, I have seen it all ;-):

Examining the trek before we start of:

In the middle of action(thanks to Canon s3 is 48x zoom). One wrong step at this point, no more posts on this blog ;-) :

Another one:

Just to give you the idea of the height. The red circle in the below picture is where we stand half way down and the red line shows the path we have taken to trek down. From here the slippery part starts.....

Kuntala, the complete picture:

On the slippery part, it was difficult for me to get grip at most of the places and at one point I slipped. I slipped for 3 or 4 feet down and in a fraction of a second, my fingers found a small crack in the rock to which I hung on. The thought which came to my mind at this point is of Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 2 with the background score in my head.(I know its too much but that’s what I felt). From this point I thought I will slide down on my bum slowly with my hands and legs getting grip on the rocks. One slip here will send us crashing down the fall....

Celebration of being alive:

Pondering on the trek:

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