Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My new hobby!...will it grow to be my passion?

When I think back on how my hobbies change or come in, one logical pattern I get is that I have a new hobby every season. In summer this year my hobby was photography, it turned into my passion later on. So, once a hobby becomes passion it is forever, I will never loose interest on it.

Lately I have been playing Carroms at my friends place every weekend. We were so much addicted to it that couple of weeks back we were awake whole night till 4.30 am playing Carroms, it was a new hobby.

One reason for thinking to go for a Carrom Board is the thought that my passion for Computer Games is putting me and most of my free time in virtual world. So I thought I need some change and wanted to get back to traditional games.(Also the power fluctuations at my home which my PC cannot not handle is also one of the reason :-))

My new board
I do not know if it will turn to passion or not but I am kind of a person who seeks for the best in what I do. So, I thought I will gift myself with a Carrom Board and start playing at home. Last weekend due to the trip, I did not get time to buy a Carrom board. Yesterday when my friend Vivek called and told that he is on leave the idea struck. I asked him to come to my work place and from there we both went to a sports store.

Once we were there, the sales man showed us different models and obviously my mind got fixed on the best one available in the store. The sales man said this is the one which is used for international tournaments and he was asking me for the purpose I was buying the board, if was tournaments for of an MNC. My answer was for "personal home use". He was a bit shocked but I told him my motive that when I take something I want to go for the best so that it will stand the test of time and I will have a feeling that I got the best one.

I bought the board for Rs.3000, which I felt that it worth the money after seeing the local boards. Now the toughest part is to have the board transported to my home which is 22 Kms away from the store and the traffic. The board was very heavy, I bet is is easily more than 14 kilograms. My friend drove the bike and I sat at the back holding the board and without much effort we reached home.

Everyone at home were pleased with the board but a bit unhappy about the price, I convinced them..he he he like I always do. I and my brother played few boards at the night till 12 midnight and I hit the bed.

I think it will take some time to answer the question if Carroms became my Passion or not. For now its a hobby. :-)

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