Monday, August 27, 2007

Hydera'BAD' Times.........

I am sure all of us know what went on with Hyderabad City on the evening of 25'Th August 2007, 2 bomb blasts rocked the city. These blasts occurred in such places where people come to spend their time during the weekends. Woman, Children, Youngsters gather at these places to spend their weekend happily and shed their stress accumulated during the weekdays. I cant imagine how barbaric, the people who executed these blasts can be - targeting common man and killing innocent people.

I was born and living in Hyderabad for past 27 years and never in the past that I felt so bad for my city. I never saw Hyderabad as a city. For me, its a feeling, its a culture and a taste to savor. Hyderabad is known for the friendly natured people, mixture of all religions/cultures, work hard and party hard mind sets(I have questions on work hard but with party hard, no questions asked) and not to forget Hyderabadi Biryani. I know that acts like these may slow us down a bit but cannot stop us.

I was in Warangal on this weekend for a friends marriage and when I entered the city yesterday evening, I was shocked to see Hyderabad so dull and silent on a weekend. The sight of Necklace road and NTR marg almost made my eyes wet. There was nothing compared to a normal weekend in Hyderabad. Normally you do not get a place to park your vehicle, a seat to sit in eat street, every square inch of the lawns are filled with people enjoying their weekend and the roads are set on fire by the bikes and cars(with loud music). Without all these, somehow I felt like I was somewhere else.

I know one thing is for sure, Incidents like these may shake the foundations of physical structures but I am sure they cannot touch our strong culture and bonding. Lets be strong, face the reality and keep our city safe.

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