Friday, June 1, 2007

Traffic ..Traffic...........Traffic!!!

Evening traffic @ Begumpet. Clicked by my friend Sudhakar from a flyover in construction

Traffic ..Traffic...........TRAFFIC!!! to hell with Traffic.......

This was my condition by the time I reached work today from home. The distance from my home to work is 17 Kms and it took me solid one and a half hour.

Pollution of thousands of vehicles directly hitting my face, scorching sun from the top and idiots who cant stop themselves from honking even when stuck in a traffic jam- irritating!! With all this my head got heavy and some unknown feeling which most people call "Headache" crawled up into my head.

Usually Hyderabad is terrific traffic city and couple of flyover constructions going on at major centers blew it up. Contributing their part to the traffic is the M.C H(Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad). They will water the plants on the road dividers only at peak traffic timings and there is no good time for them collect trash other than the peak timings.

The water tanker which is stopped on the road to water the plans looks like a dam which is stopping the flow of vehicles. Did I mention that these Trash Trucks stink big time? Imagine to all the irritations that I have mentioned in the second paragraph, this stink is added? I think its the ultimate torture a human being can experience at the start of the day.

The two feel good factors that I have while stuck in traffic is the music playing through my Bluetooth headset and the beauties on the road. Stooooop...when I mean beauties, I mean the Mercedes, Hondas, BMW's and so on. Come on guys I am a happy married man!! Does this sound like an oxymoron, I mean Marriage + Happy or it infact is? I don't know! but what I know is I am getting off the topic I started coming back.

I am not sure how far these construction of flyovers will help reduce the traffic problems but I keep my fingers crossed and and wait. Ha ha ha ...WAIT.... I guess that is what I am doing in traffic now!!....WAIT.

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